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We are a pure Omani company which designed to provide upscale and distinguished service in the field of laundry various Anwag washing (normal, dry and steam ironing) and put customer focus as a target for us in terms of the use of the latest technology machinery and equipment, as well as disinfectants and detergents environmentally friendly as it was attention clothes children’s share of attention in terms of washed without chemicals to avoid what may result from sensitivity to them.
While we strive for our best to use high-quality disinfectant to maintain the sustainability of textiles and textile products for the longest Amdna on the use of disinfectants with international standards to this end.
We materialized on latest methods outstanding service to our customers in terms of logo ” Door to Door Service) to save time and effort with guaranty¬† and without any additional costs for that and also the use of modern technology to communicate with our customers every Maalih that the register on our website in the first time, including when the clothes for washing working on the service request electronically then one of our representatives to receive clothes and return it the next day (and here term used in most laundries 48 hours).
Also, where an electronic invoice will be up to the customer in its e-mail and who have scored without the need for traditional paper-based billing.
Finally, we are proud to belong to small and medium class of Oman administration and funding.
So we hope our customers do not hesitate to provide us with their views and proposals useful serve us so that we can provide a service distinct style.
Normal washing
Dry laundry
Ironing normal
Ironing steam
Remove stains
Sterilization with hot water
Especially women’s clothing and dresses weddings and anniversaries